Sesso profondo aka Flying Sex (1980)


Sesso profondo aka Flying Sex (1980)

PLOT: Sesso profondo (1980)

Jennifer, after having married the writer Roman, discovers she no longer enjoys sexual pleasure. She therefore addresses a psychoanalyst, who identifies the cause of the problem in an infantile trauma, which allows her to experience pleasure only on board aircraft. It all goes back to her cousin, who committed violence on her – with a model airplane. Therefore she decides to attend a course for hostesses in New York and is hired, after having given herself to the head instructor Murphy. The new hostess gets rid of all inhibitions and begins to have orgasms, first with a steward during her first scheduled flight, then with a colleague, finally with her husband. She confesses to Roman his constant betrayals justifying them with the attempt to overcome his childhood trauma, but he reacts abruptly. So she drags her husband from her psychoanalyst, who reveals to her that she has finally recovered. At the end, Roman, exposed his case to Murphy, gets to be hired as a steward to never leave Jennifer alone in the plane

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