Monamour full movie in english subtitles (2006)


watch Monamour full movie in english subtitles (2006)

PLOT: Monamour full movie (2006)

After six short months of marriage, the free spirited and disenchanted housewife, Marta, is already starting to feel the passion wane for her boring literary editor husband, Dario. As a result, against the backdrop of medieval Mantua’s renowned literary festival, young Marta will fall for the intriguingly handsome Frenchman, Leon. Of course, the always-suspicious Dario will soon notice Marta’s scandalous affair behind his back–a not-so-shocking discovery that paves the way for a passionate transformation. Perhaps, a dash of infidelity was all that Dario needed to awaken his dormant enthusiasm for the neglected Marta; nevertheless, is his new-found interest too little, too late?

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